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The Stella Crown series

In this Anthony and Agatha-Nominated mystery series, Stella Crown loves her life as a dairy farmer and Harley-Davidson enthusiast, but keeps getting interrupted by crime and murder.

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The Grim Reaper mysteries

Casey Maldonado travels the country accompanied by the Grim Reaper in this series that studies grief and the meaning of death.

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Lost Sons

Detective Stan Windemere dives into the mystery of Clayton Kratz, missing since 1920, and prepares for the possibility that his own son, who disappeared in the line of duty, may never come home.

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Tag, You're Dead

Six teenagers play a game of Tag with a macabre twist…if you get Tagged, you get Dead.

Six teenagers play a dangerous game of Tag in Chicago with a macabre twist to the childhood version...if you get Tagged, you get Dead. A Young Adult thriller nominated for the Anthony and Agatha Awards.

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